Hard Light Photoshoot with Jordanne

Doing a hard light photoshoot is always fun and you can get very creative with the lighting and shadows presented to you. 

For this shoot Paige (makeup and assistant), Jordanne (dancer & model) and I went to an empty parking garage 20 minutes outside of Paris, France. The sun was on the horizon and we had about 1 hour to shoot before it set. We were left with an incredible light and only a few clouds disrupted us during the shoot. 

Jordanne had shown me some inspiration photos with a clear play on hard light techniques, with half sunlight and half shadows across the body. The first spot we found was at the very top of the garage with sun spreading across. I had her sit against the wall and, with some patience, slide around until I found a good balance between sunlight and shadow. 



Sun exposure across her face and a nice warmth across the clavicle. The retouching was straight forward with some frequency seperation for skin heal and detail retention, followed by basic dodge and burn following the contours of the face and makeup. 


One thing I always enjoy doing in the post processing is giving a good drive of saturation to the blues and changing the hue a touch. The contrast between a golden sunset on skin and a rich blue sky really makes an image feel rich. Open lightroom and slide those blue saturation knobs and hues. Again, the retouching was easy, frequency seperation for the skin healing, followed up with dodge and burn to contour the body and accent features of the face and tone. 


During the shoot the sun was interrupted by some clouds and I thought that would be the perfect time for some close up and head shots. And also a good time to throw a nice contrast color in against the grey concrete of the parking garage. 


The final image was another inspiration shot shown to me by Jordanne. For this photo, I hopped on the concrete walling and used my 16-35mm f/2.8 (shot at 35mm more or less) and shot downwards. The resulting photo is really great. 


Thank you to my beautiful girlfriend Paige for assisting with the makeup and posing, and to Jordanne for being a wonderful dancer and model to work with during this shoot.